Tatort: Borowski

Tatort: Borowski

3 Seasons

Detective Klaus Borowski is a quixotic, social disaster who manages to offend everyone while solving crimes in the port city of Kiel. His infuriating mix of callousness and sensitivity serves him well on the job, but gets him in trouble with everyone in his private life. His assistant, his ex-wife, his daughter and his shrink all want to throttle him most of the time, unless he’s having one of his rare good moments - in which case, he’s delightful.

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Tatort: Borowski
  • Tatort: Borowski - The Power of Fear (201)

    Episode 1

    The city of Kiel goes on lockdown after a sniper shoots a man on the Hörn Bridge. Directed by Florian Baxmeyer, 2007.

  • Borowski and the Lonely Hearts (202)

    Episode 2

    Borowski goes undercover, placing a personal ad to bait a killer who seems to find victims through a lonely hearts site. Directed by Lars Jessen, 2008.

  • Borowski and the Ideal World (203)

    Episode 3

    Investigating a little girl found dead on a ferry, Borowski finds no lack of suspects. Directed by Florian Froschmayer, 2009.

  • Tatort: Borowski - Borowski and the Stars (204)

    Episode 4

    Borowski has three suspects in a middle-aged woman's murder: her rock star ex-lover, his former guitarist and the victim's own husband. Directed by Angelina Maccarone, 2009.

  • Tatort: Borowski -Tango for Borowski (205)

    Episode 5

    Borowski finds himself in the backwoods of Finland searching for a young man who escaped custody during extradition. Directed by Hannu Salonen, 2010.

  • Borowski and the Matter of Pure Taste (206)

    Episode 6

    When a 15-year-old boy dies after imbibing an energy drink, Borowski suspects a worker from the manufacturing plant. Directed by Florian Froschmayer, 2010.

  • Borowski and the Fourth Man (207)

    Episode 7

    A serial killer seems to be playing a murderous game of cat-and-mouse with Borowski and the police. Directed by Claudia Garde, 2010.

  • Borowski and the Woman in the Window (208)

    Episode 8

    A young woman has disappeared without a trace and her boyfriend, a beat cop, is convinced she was murdered. Directed by Stephan Wagner, 2011.