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Watch this video and more on MHz Choice

Watch this video and more on MHz Choice

Up Next in Season 1

  • Sakho & Mangane: Praying Mantis

    A string of bankers are murdered and their corpses bear the mark of the stigmata. Sakho and Mangane enter the luxury escort scene to investigate a bar frequented by these bankers. Sakho has to use his own magic while arresting a suspect.

  • Sakho & Mangane: Assault

    The team gathers in a desert theme park for an INTERPOL seminar, when Bukki unleashes a horde of "drug zombies" in pursuit of Sakho and Mangane. As they face them down, Sakho fears these crimes are all related to the curse of the Black Rapp.

  • Sakho & Mangane: Demon [The Succubus]

    A series of violent crimes plague the University of Dakar but Mangane abandons the investigation in order to find the missing Sakho. Meanwhile, Mama B� discovers that his team has been watched from the beginning by a mysterious figure.