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Sakho & Mangane

Sakho & Mangane

8 Episodes

In the African city of Dakar, Commander Sakho and Lieutenant Mangane, a pair of radically different police officers, are forced to work together to solve supernatural murder mysteries which often involve a heavy dose of black magic.

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Sakho & Mangane
  • Sakho & Mangane: The Curse of the Moon Fish Part 1

    Episode 1

    Two police officers meet during a drug deal and find they are complete opposites. But their new commander decides they would make great partners; their first case is a mysterious murder.

  • Sakho & Mangane: The Curse of the Moon Fish Part 2

    Episode 2

    The newly formed team struggles to work together as they discover that the murder might be related to the theft of an evil totem; between ritual object trafficking, migrant smuggling and drug trafficking, the investigation is proving to be eventful.

  • Sakho & Mangane: The Triple V Alliance

    Episode 3

    A ritual murder occurs at a luxury hotel which happens to be the territory of a gang known as the Toy Boys. Sakho, who is fed up with Mangane's methods, gets his revenge by ordering his partner to infiltrate the group in order to solve the crime.

  • Sakho & Mangane: Lawless Area

    Episode 4

    Mangane's former best friend is savagely murdered. In order to help his distraught partner, Sakho takes over the case and follows the trail of a killer who seems to be impervious to bullets. Meanwhile, Mama Ba is attacked as part of a revenge-plot.

  • Sakho & Mangane: Praying Mantis

    Episode 5

    A string of bankers are murdered and their corpses bear the mark of the stigmata. Sakho and Mangane enter the luxury escort scene to investigate a bar frequented by these bankers. Sakho has to use his own magic while arresting a suspect.

  • Sakho & Mangane: Assault

    Episode 6

    The team gathers in a desert theme park for an INTERPOL seminar, when Bukki unleashes a horde of "drug zombies" in pursuit of Sakho and Mangane. As they face them down, Sakho fears these crimes are all related to the curse of the Black Rapp.

  • Sakho & Mangane: Demon [The Succubus]

    Episode 7

    A series of violent crimes plague the University of Dakar but Mangane abandons the investigation in order to find the missing Sakho. Meanwhile, Mama B� discovers that his team has been watched from the beginning by a mysterious figure.

  • Sakho & Mangane: Revelations

    Episode 8

    Sakho and Mangane find themselves in a mysterious villa where the enemies that have been watching them will finally emerge from the shadows to reveal their true faces and their connections to the Black Rapp. This is the ultimate confrontation.