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Helsinki Syndrome

Helsinki Syndrome

8 Episodes

Elias, a working class family man is deeply haunted by the economic strife his family endured in the 90s. To settle a decades-long vendetta, he holds four journalists hostage to expose bank and government corruption while concealing an ulterior motive.

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Helsinki Syndrome
  • Helsinki Syndrome: Saturday

    Episode 1

    Post Covid-19 pandemic, economic strife hits home for Elias who's still haunted by government corruption that stripped his family of everything they owned in the 90s. Elias holds 4 journalists hostage demanding they expose the truth.

  • Helsinki Syndrome: Sunday

    Episode 2

    Elias releases one of the journalist hostages so that she can search for evidence proving that Elias' bank committed a crime in the 90s. Meanwhile, hostage negotiator, Jarmo, prepares for what appears to be a lengthy hostage situation.

  • Helsinki Syndrome: Monday

    Episode 3

    The journalists don't have enough information to publish Elias' story. Elias makes a public appeal requesting related personal stories be sent into the newspaper office. Jarmo continues to negotiate with Elias on behalf of the hostages.

  • Helsinki Syndrome: Tuesday

    Episode 4

    The motive for the hostage situation spreads in the media. Meanwhile, Elias' accomplice, Lauri, makes a break in the case by hacking his way into a wealth of evidence. The hostages begin to sympathize with Elias.

  • Helsinki Syndrome: Tuesday Evening

    Episode 5

    A crucial piece of missing evidence is discovered, meanwhile Elias and Lauri run into more trouble. A sympathizer who also lost everything in the 90s arrives outside the news building in a lorry, interfering with police activity.

  • Helsinki Syndrome: Wednesday

    Episode 6

    Elias and Lauri are running out of options. Jarmo changes negotiation tactics as police cut the news building off to the outside world. As pressure increases, one of the journalists makes an important discovery.

  • Helsinki Syndrome: Thursday

    Episode 7

    Suspicions surrounding Elias' motives arise. Meanwhile, Elias is running out of time and pleads with Jarmo to have power restored to the news building, if only for a moment. The truth must be exposed, and the hostage situation must soon end.

  • Helsinki Syndrome: Long Weekend

    Episode 8

    Jarmo exposes Elias' ulterior motive behind the hostage situation. When the complicated plan is exposed, will the victims of the 90s ever see justice?