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Don Matteo

Don Matteo

12 Seasons

More seasons coming soon! Terence Hill stars as Don Matteo, a thoroughly ordinary Catholic priest with an extraordinary ability to read people and solve crimes.

Don Matteo
  • The Stranger

    Episode 1

    Don Matteo investigates when a Croation laborer is found dead in the factory where he works.

  • A Routine Operation

    Episode 2

    A little girl goes into a coma after an operation, and her doctor is found dead.

  • The Courage to Speak

    Episode 3

    A young woman contacts Don Matteo with a problem - her family is in financial distress and is being blackmailed.

  • The Bad Apple

    Episode 4

    A police officer goes undercover to investigate a drug ring, and is discovered and violently punished by the gang.

  • The Antique Rose

    Episode 5

    Don Matteo is approached by a local woman for help in saving her marriage.

  • Anna
    Episode 6


    Episode 6

    Don Matteo investigates allegations of theft against Anna, a young Albanian woman.

  • Ageless Love

    Episode 7

    Don Matteo investigates a mysterious death in a nursing home.

  • A Matter of Smell

    Episode 8

    The town’s truffle hunters are up in arms when it appears that their dogs have been poisoned.

  • The Actor

    Episode 9

    Don Matteo investigates when the star of a local film production is killed.

  • Blackmail

    Episode 10

    An entrepreneur whose company dumps toxic waste is blackmailed with compromising photographs.

  • The Scorpion's Strategy

    Episode 11

    While Don Matteo works as a substitute prison chaplain, the body of an inmate is discovered.

  • State of Intoxication

    Episode 12

    Don Matteo organizes a pilgrimage to a sanctuary.

  • The Little Angel

    Episode 13

    Don Matteo investigates the disappearance of an infant.

  • Awaiting Trial

    Episode 14

    Don Matteo must clear his name after being accused of murder.

  • The Fire of Passion

    Episode 15

    Don Matteo organizes a charity auction.

  • Academic Crime

    Episode 16

    Don Matteo presents a donation to a university research center where an employee has been killed.