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Arctic Circle

Arctic Circle

3 Seasons

When a dying sex worker is found in a cabin with a deadly virus in her body, a Finnish officer must team up with a German virologist to track a serial killer and contain the virus before it becomes a full-blown pandemic.

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Arctic Circle
  • Arctic Circle: The Latest Police

    Episode 1

    Nina and her daughter settle into life in a new city. After first rejecting an offer to work on an assassination case, a dramatic turn linking the murder to Nina's former case forces her to reconsider. Originally aired in Finland as Ivalo.

  • Arctic Circle: In the Middle of Nowhere

    Episode 2

    Nina returns to Ivalo-and to new partner, Viktor-and leaves Venla in Marita and Esko's care. Their investigation takes the pair to St. Petersburg, where a dangerous encounter with a high-ranking official provides an alarming discovery.

  • Arctic Circle: Catch

    Episode 3

    Using stolen evidence, Nina convinces Viktor they should follow their investigation to a remote location-leading to potentially deadly consequences. Meanwhile, Marita and Esko grow closer as they begin to worry about Venla.

  • Arctic Circle: Justice

    Episode 4

    After narrowly escaping, Viktor opens up to Nina about his past. Nina files a report about their capture and is dismissed from the task force. Determined to solve the case, Nina learns she must confront someone from her past for answers.

  • Arctic Circle: Guilty

    Episode 5

    Nina meets an important figure from her past, and is quickly faced with the potential of his involvement in her case. Meanwhile, Nina's family faces a tragedy as she begins to grow suspicious of Marita and Esko's relationship.

  • Arctic Circle: Parents

    Episode 6

    With the truth finally revealed, Nina rushes to stop the hunt and save a life-but will she make it out alive? At her grandmother's grave, Venla shows a wisdom beyond her years.