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Watch this video and more on MHz Choice

Watch this video and more on MHz Choice

Up Next in Season 1

  • Valkyrien: Win Win

    The clinic is open. Leif finds patients willing to pay high fees for Ravn and Unn to treat in secret. Vilma's daughter, Siv, has begun to ask questions about her mother Ravn cannot answer. Leif is met with an unexpected obstacle underground.

  • Valkyrien: Pro Bonopublico

    Ravn tests a new drug on a patient that could either be a breakthrough or have disastrous consequences. Teo puts himself and the clinic at risk by seeking out his wife. A humiliating conversation with his brother forces Leif to reassess himself.

  • Valkyrien: TEOTWAWKI

    A patient brings a deadly virus into the clinic and infects both Ravn and Vilma. It's up to Unn to save them both before it's too late. Meanwhile, Leif gathers his online comrades and goes off the grid to brace for the pandemic.