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Unit One

Unit One

2 Seasons

Thriller about an elite mobile police task force that travels around Denmark helping local law enforcement solve crimes.

Unit One
  • Unit One: Episode 01

    Episode 1

    The head of Unit One is found murdered in his home.

  • Unit One: Episode 02

    Episode 2

    The owner of a bar is found dead, and police immediately suspect a local biker gang.

  • Unit One: Episode 03

    Episode 3

    Ingrid and the squad continue their investigation into the murder of a local bar owner in Horsens.

  • Unit One: Episode 04

    Episode 4

    An elderly woman is murdered in Nakskov, shortly after a strange man was seen leaving her house.

  • Unit One: Episode 05

    Episode 5

    A young couple's wedding day is shattered by a murder.

  • Unit One: Episode 06

    Episode 6

    Unit One is called in when a husband reports his wife missing shortly after her 30th birthday party.

  • Unit One: Episode 07

    Episode 7

    Detectives Fischer and La Cour are on vacation on the North Sea when the local police receive an anonymous tip which leads to the discovery of a body.

  • Unit One: Episode 08

    Episode 8

    A masked man has been assaulting elderly woman, and Unit One is called in to investigate.

  • Unit One: Episode 09

    Episode 9

    Unit One continues their investigation into the masked man who is targeting elderly woman.

  • Unit One: Episode 10

    Episode 10

    A young boy is kidnapped on his ninth birthday.

  • Unit One: Episode 11

    Episode 11

    A lawyer with a history of getting defendants to retract confessions uses the technique to exonerate a criminal the team previously investigated.

  • Unit One: Episode 12

    Episode 12

    The owner of a chocolate factory is found murdered.