The Weissensee Saga

The Weissensee Saga

3 Seasons

A sweeping, gripping family saga of conflicting loyalties, love and betrayal, set behind the Iron Curtain in 1980s East Berlin. Uwe Kockisch (Donna Leon's Brunetti) stars as Hans Kupfer, a Stasi officer whose youngest son, Martin, falls in love with Julia, the daughter of a dissident singer. Their courtship threatens the safety of both families, and sets into motion tumultuous events which play out over the course of the subsequent decade.

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The Weissensee Saga
  • One Night In November

    Episode 1

    Martin finds a new lead in the search for his daughter, and ventures into the West as the Berlin Wall falls. Directed by Friedemann Fromm, 2015.

  • A New Life

    Episode 2

    Vera and Nicole suspect the Stasi in Robert's disappearance, and Katja offers to help Martin in his search. Directed by Friedemann Fromm, 2015.

  • One of Us
    Episode 3

    One of Us

    Episode 3

    Martin confronts Falk over Katja's photo, and an unexpected visitor arrives at the Kupfers' house. Directed by Friedemann Fromm, 2015.

  • The American

    Episode 4

    Katja discovers that the Stasi has a mole in the Democratic Form, and she and Martin meet the Simkows in West Berlin. Directed by Friedemann Fromm, 2015.

  • In The Abyss

    Episode 5

    Falk cuts a deal with Schnyder, and Martin finally learns who was behind Anna's abduction. Directed by Friedemann Fromm, 2015.

  • Cold Heart

    Episode 6

    As thousands of demonstrators storm the Stasi headquarters, Martin confronts his brother. Directed by Friedemann Fromm, 2015.