The Undertaker

The Undertaker

4 Seasons

Luc Conrad used to be a police detective. Now he's an undertaker, whose job is usually to comfort and console the bereaved. But as soon as Luc starts to suspect foul play, his inner sleuth takes over – and so do the headaches for his ex, Inspector Anna-Maria Giovanoli.

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The Undertaker
  • Last Words

    Episode 1

    The discovery of a body in the forest near Anna-Maria's hometown initiates the hunt for a serial killer. Directed by Chris Niemeyer, 2016.

  • Rough Country

    Episode 2

    The people of Morgenthal finger the reclusive Black Coat as Susanne Gruber's killer, but Luc has other ideas. Directed by Chris Niemeyer, 2016.

  • False Friends

    Episode 3

    Luc investigates the fatal fall of a talented free climber; romance is in the air for Erika. Directed by Katalin Gödrös, 2016.

  • Two Lives
    Episode 4

    Two Lives

    Episode 4

    Fabio and Luc are pulled into the case of a dead man who had been experimenting with bizarre burial methods. Directed by Tom Gerber, 2016.

  • Five Minutes of Happiness

    Episode 5

    Dörig takes the lead when a powerful Japanese businessman is killed in a local hotel. Directed by Tom Gerber, 2016.

  • Family Ties

    Episode 6

    A brutal murder in the Aargau countryside rips through its population; Luc, Fabio and Dörig search desperately for Anna-Maria. Directed by Tom Gerber, 2016.