The Undertaker

The Undertaker

4 Seasons

Luc Conrad used to be a police detective. Now he's an undertaker, whose job is usually to comfort and console the bereaved. But as soon as Luc starts to suspect foul play, his inner sleuth takes over – and so do the headaches for his ex, Inspector Anna-Maria Giovanoli.

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The Undertaker
  • The Undertaker: Grave Legacy

    Episode 1

    The strange case of a dead body on a chicken farm reunites Luc with his ex, police inspector Anna-Maria Giovanoli. Directed by Markus Fischer, 2013.

  • Flotsam
    Episode 2


    Episode 2

    Luc handles funeral arrangements for a man found murdered by a river, and finds himself bonding with the dead man's son. Directed by Markus Welter, 2013.

  • Zero To Sixty

    Episode 3

    A tragic racing accident leads Luc and Anna-Maria to a luxury car dealership owned by a grieving family with dark secrets. Directed by Markus Welter, 2013.

  • Thorn In The Side

    Episode 4

    When a shady lawyer is found dead in a brothel, Luc is the prime suspect - and it's up to Anna-Maria to prove his innocence. Directed by Markus Fischer, 2013.