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The Spectacular

The Spectacular

4 Episodes

Plagued by a series of IRA attacks in the late 1980s, detectives in the Netherlands work to identify-and capture-those responsible. As they race against the clock to catch the terrorists and close the case, secret forces may cost them everything.

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The Spectacular
  • The Spectacular: Tribal Struggle

    Episode 1

    1988. Detective Jeanine Maes is tasked with hunting down Belfast-born IRA-volunteers after a series of attacks rock the Netherlands. But when a group of terrorists are captured, Maes quickly realizes there's a key suspect missing: The Angel of Death.

  • The Spectacular: Political Bodies

    Episode 2

    1990. A new, brutal IRA attack leaves Jeanine worried that the Netherlands may again be under threat. When she receives news that her fears may be right, Jeanine rushes to intervene-but at what cost?

  • The Spectacular: The Devil Himself

    Episode 3

    1990. The attack in Roermond is quickly splashed across headlines across the world. Jeanine feels guilty over the repercussions of her actions as members of the IRA begin to suspect that not all are as they seem among their ranks.

  • The Spectacular: The Irish Cause

    Episode 4

    1992. Against the odds, Jeanine closes in on 'Angel of Death' and the IRA volunteers. But she faces an uphill battle to conviction as forces work to unravel all her work. Meanwhile, the threat of a new "spectacular" attack looms large.