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The Returned

The Returned

2 Seasons

A group of men, women, and children return home after years of being away. But there's one hiccup-everyone thought they were dead. Meanwhile, a series of murders begins, bringing back memories of a past serial killer.

The Returned
  • The Returned: The Child

    Episode 1

    Months have passed since the flooding of the town and disappearance of the undead horde. A pregnant Adele is rushed to the hospital as a new-comer, Berg, arrives to investigate the flood and crosses paths with someone newly returned from the dead.

  • The Returned: Milan

    Episode 2

    The fate of the horde is revealed-along with that of Julie, Victor, Camille, and Claire. A new wave of the "Returned" arrive, resurrecting familiar faces for Camille and Victor.

  • The Returned: Morgane

    Episode 3

    With Victor's mother, Helene's return, Julie begins to feel out of place with the horde. Camille grows close to Virgil, another "Returnee," as Adele gets to know her baby. Lena reunites with Serge, who is joined by a dangerous new "Returnee."

  • The Returned: Virgil

    Episode 4

    Berg joins forces with Camille's father, Jerome, to take the investigation further. Serge leads Lena to the Domaine, the horde's hiding place for a surprise reunion. Mystery surrounds Adele's baby-attracting the police's attention.

  • The Returned: Madame Costa

    Episode 5

    Jerome and Berg take in Audrey, an escapee from the Domaine, and try to locate her mother, Sandrine. Simon fears for his baby's safety from the undead as Victor decides to leave the Domaine to look for Julie.

  • The Returned: Esther

    Episode 6

    Sandrine makes a questionable decision about Audrey as Adele and Simon grow closer. Julie learns a heavy secret from Victor's father as Berg and Jerome uncover the horde's location and plan their attack.

  • The Returned: Etienne

    Episode 7

    Julie sets out to find Victor, but encounters unfriendly faces instead. Reunited with his family, Jerome must make a quick decision about what to do. Thanks to Berg, the military are preparing to take the Domaine-sending the horde on the move.

  • The Returned: The Returned

    Episode 8

    It's the finale and Camille's family tries-once again-to flee the town, making a startling realization in the process. Victor struggles with accepting Julie's future. The truth of the undead's return is finally revealed.