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The Returned

The Returned

2 Seasons

A group of men, women, and children return home after years of being away. But there's one hiccup-everyone thought they were dead. Meanwhile, a series of murders begins, bringing back memories of a past serial killer.

The Returned
  • The Returned: Camille

    Episode 1

    In a small mountain community, long-dead residents begin mysteriously reappearing at their homes. Two of the returned, Camille and Simon, hope to restart their lives, with tumultuous results for their families.

  • The Returned: Simon

    Episode 2

    Determined to get his life back, Simon visits his ex-fiance Adele. Meanwhile, Camille's mother Claire and sister Lena-still uneasy about her return-keep secrets from her. Nurse Julie is plagued by the presence of a spooky child, Victor.

  • The Returned: Julie

    Episode 3

    Camille, determined to come out of hiding, concocts a new identity for herself. Simon wins Adele's trust and learns a shocking truth about their relationship. Victor comes to Julie's aid after she's forced to recall an agonizing memory from her past.

  • The Returned: Victor

    Episode 4

    Camille settles into life as "Alice" while Lena struggles with a mysterious, growing scar that seems to impact her health. Police arrive to remove Victor from Julie's home as Adele learns the truth about Simon's death.

  • The Returned: Serge and Toni

    Episode 5

    The "Returned" attempt to resume their old lives once and for all, with disastrous results for Camille and Simon. Thomas enters into a life-or-death encounter, with potentially serious consequences as Julie wonders if she is dead, too.

  • The Returned: Lucy

    Episode 6

    A power outage puts the whole town on edge as Pierre, Claire's boyfriend, touts Camille as a prophet to a community of grieving parents. Revived, Simon falls under the spell of Lucy the "sex medium." Lena grows closer to her captor, Serge.

  • The Returned: Adele

    Episode 7

    Alliances are forming as tensions within the town mount. Camille faces accusations of hurting those around her. Simon investigates his own death as Julie tries to skip town-but a supernatural force stops her from leaving.

  • The Returned: The Horde

    Episode 8

    It's the nail-biting finale and the stakes are higher than ever. Tensions reach a critical mass as a new, more unsettling wave of The "Returned" descends on the town, forcing its residents to choose once and for all between living and dead.