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The Grave

The Grave

8 Episodes

When an earthquake unburies three skeletons, an investigation unfolds that defies all logic and a group of interconnected people are thrown into a mind-bending mystery filled with inexplicable phenomena.

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The Grave
  • The Grave: The Day the Ground Shook

    Episode 1

    An earthquake opens up an unmarked grave containing three skeletons, each linked to a living person: Avigail, an incarcerated woman; Niko, a mentalist; and single dad Yoel, who finds a video and is shocked to see it's from what appears to be himself.

  • The Grave: Life and Death

    Episode 2

    The mystery of the grave deepens as detectives learn that the skeletons' DNA inexplicably matches living people, and that a bullet recovered from the site might be from the future. Yoel investigates the video to try to make sense of it.

  • The Grave: The Identity of the Indiscernibles

    Episode 3

    More connections emerge between Noah, Niko, and Ella, while Noah meets a woman who is identical to his late mom. Niko has visions of Keren's killer, another Chava is introduced, and a strange shooting occurs that cannot be explained by logic.

  • The Grave: Everything Is Happening

    Episode 4

    In what appears to be a parallel universe, Yoel and Hila are still together while the other Chava investigates the shooting. Alon seeks the help of a man who knows Avigail and is linked to the grave, and Yoel visits his old mental institution.

  • The Grave: Awakening

    Episode 5

    When Yoel wakes up, he starts putting the pieces together using his old theories about the space-time continuum. In the other universe, Hila is alive and Yoel is missing after going on a mission. Two witnesses connect Gabi to the grave.

  • The Grave: The Ockham Project

    Episode 6

    In the alternate universe, Chava learns that Yoel was part of a project with parallel versions of Niko, Avigail, Gabi, and a doctor named Irena and their mission was traveling to the other reality. Alon might be involved at the top.

  • The Grave: The One

    Episode 7

    Noah wanders into a minefield, an event that triggers a collision between the past and the present that changes his fate, along with Yoel's and Hila's. One Chava investigates Project Ockham while the other starts to believe Yoel's theories.

  • The Grave: Mother

    Episode 8

    Noah reveals his special powers and might be the key to Project Ockham. On the other side, Emmanuel and Hila want to bring him over for different reasons. But in his universe, Yoel and Chava are trying to stop Avigail from completing the mission.