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Watch this video and more on MHz Choice

A Mother's Love

Tatort: Cologne – 1h 25m

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  • Tatort: Cologne: Mine Games (Sn 3 Ep 5)

    One of the owners of a mine-removal nonprofit gets blown up during a jog, and his wife seems curiously unmoved. Directed by Torsetn C. Fischer, 2005.

  • Residual Risk

    A dancer is found murdered near the grounds of a psychiatric hospital, and the prime suspect is a patient with a history of violence. But Ballauf and Schenk’s investigation opens up new possibilities: Is the patient merely a pawn in a devilish game? Directed by Claus-Michael Rhone, 1999.

  • Children of Violence

    A boy is found dead in a school bathroom, and Max goes undercover to investigate. He discovers an ongoing war between gangs of German and Turkish teenagers, and an unemployed right-wing radical who claims he protects children from foreign drug dealers. Directed by Ben Verbong, 1999.

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