Tatort: Borowski

Tatort: Borowski

3 Seasons

Detective Klaus Borowski is a quixotic, social disaster who manages to offend everyone while solving crimes in the port city of Kiel. His infuriating mix of callousness and sensitivity serves him well on the job, but gets him in trouble with everyone in his private life. His assistant, his ex-wife, his daughter and his shrink all want to throttle him most of the time, unless he’s having one of his rare good moments - in which case, he’s delightful.

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Tatort: Borowski
  • Tatort: Borowski - Fathers (101)

    Episode 1

    A truck driver comes under suspicion when a police officer is run down in the line of duty. Directed by Thomas Freundner, 2003.

  • Tatort: Borowski - Change of Shift (102)

    Episode 2

    Borowski suspects that the death of a public works official could have been related to his refusal to support a plan for layoffs at the shipyard. Directed by Christine Hartmann, 2004.

  • Tatort: Borowski - Circle of Life (103)

    Episode 3

    After two murders in which the carefully-preserved bodies were theatrically displayed, Borowski suspects a serial killer. Directed by Claudia Garde, 2004.

  • Tatort: Borowski - Shadow Wedding (104)

    Episode 4

    Borowski investigates the death of a night watchman and all leads point to a man who has vanished. Directed by Kaspar Heidelbach, 2005.

  • Borowski in the Underworld (105)

    Episode 5

    A Catholic priest confesses to grisly murders in which dismembered corpses were found in sewers, but his behavior leaves Borowski unconvinced. Directed by Claudia Garde, 2005.

  • Tatort: Borowski - Birthright (106)

    Episode 6

    A gynecologist is found dead right after a patient is brutally attacked and has her baby stolen from her womb. Directed by Hannu Salonen, 2005.

  • Tatort: Borowski - Man Overboard (107)

    Episode 7

    Returning from a trip to Sweden, Borowski is approached by the ship's first officer after the captain goes missing. Directed by Lars Becker, 2006.

  • Tatort: Borowski - End of Silence (108)

    Episode 8

    An empty sailboat is spotted on the open sea, with only a jacket, shoes and the purse of a missing woman on board. Directed by Buddy Giovinazzo, 2007.