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State of Happiness

State of Happiness

2 Seasons

The road to progress is paved in blood, sweat, and oil. This Nordic drama follows the history-making events that created modern Norway. When a small fishing town discovers something big, six individuals must seize a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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State of Happiness
  • State of Happiness: High Production Tempo

    Episode 1

    It's 5 years later and the oil industry is booming in Norway when an alarm sounds on the Bravo platform. Rein finds himself at the center of a disaster that thrusts environmental protection into the political spotlight.Originally titled Lykkeland.

  • State of Happiness: Well Killers

    Episode 2

    The environmental protection efforts from the spill are still on-going, and the true weight of its consequences are still being discovered. Meanwhile, Studio 37 is staged for its grand opening.

  • State of Happiness: The Ugly Face of Greed

    Episode 3

    The blowout in Ekofisk Bravo is investigated. Meanwhile, Marie prepares to celebrate her christening when she realizes Marius has gone missing. The secret Anna has been holding onto is exposed.

  • State of Happiness: 320 Meters Deep

    Episode 4

    To Anna's horror, she discovers safety protocols are being ignored during test dives. Meanwhile, Christian unwraps the complexities of C-Max's financial struggles.

  • State of Happiness: Peace and War

    Episode 5

    Marius is surprised by an unexpected visitor. Meanwhile, Anna engages in a budding friendship. An Iranian coup opens new doors for Nyman Diving.

  • State of Happiness: 30 Dollars a Barrel

    Episode 6

    Oil prices reach record highs. Meanwhile, Marius struggles to find his stride in school and Martin receives an offer he may not be able to refuse.

  • State of Happiness: Mayday

    Episode 7

    An unexpected collapse results in the death of more than 200 people. Everyone grapples with horror while searching for an explanation.

  • State of Happiness: 123

    Episode 8

    A tremendous rescue operation is launched in the aftermath of the Alexander Kielland Platform collapse, Ingrid snaps into action.