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8 Episodes

Through episodic installments, a futuristic society where people dream of perfection experience conflict created by artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual realities, robots, superpowers, and global disasters.

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  • SF8: The Prayer

    Episode 1

    Based on the short story by Kim Hey-Jin, the caregiving robot has the ability to feel and express emotion. Ho Joong is faced with the devastating choice between saving the life of a comatose woman, or her suicidal daughter.

  • SF8: Manxin

    Episode 2

    A society relies on Manxin, a highly-accurate artificial intelligence fortune telling service. In a quest to find Manxin's developer, two individuals with differing motives find themselves face-to-face with an unpredicted reality.

  • SF8: Joan's Galaxy

    Episode 3

    A fine dust plague dramatically shortens life expectancy, dividing society into two classes. One class is vaccinated, providing a 100-year life span. The lower class unable to afford the vaccine faces a 30-year life expectancy.

  • SF8: Blink

    Episode 4

    Based on Korean short story by Kim Chang-Kyu a detective who prefers to rely on human instincts due to a traumatic childhood event is forced to have an artificial intelligence partner implanted in her brain in order to solve a murder case.

  • SF8: Baby It's Over Outside

    Episode 5

    Based on the Korean short story by Kim Dong-Sik. With one week until doomsday, superhumans around the globe reveal their true powers. A group sets out to bring the superhumans together in order to (hopefully) save the world.

  • SF8: White Crow

    Episode 6

    When Juno, a popular video game streamer, finds her reputation tarnished, she takes drastic measures to clear her name. Immersed in a new game, she finds herself trapped within its virtual realm.

  • SF8: Love Virtually

    Episode 7

    A budding romance on a virtual dating app is interrupted at a crucial moment when it crashes. The users are keeping secrets from each other, but without the app they are forced to decide if they should meet in real life.

  • SF8: Empty Body

    Episode 8

    In a future society, people are brought back to life through AI implants. A fatal accident forces a mother to reckon with her decision to revive her son as a cyborg when the artificial intelligence begins to interfere with life as they knew it.