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Salamander (Dubbed)

Salamander (Dubbed)

2 Seasons

When 66 safe deposit boxes are robbed in Brussels, Police Inspector Paul Gerardi discovers that the victims are all members of a mysterious elite organization called Salamander, and their stolen secrets could bring down the entire country.

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Salamander (Dubbed)
  • Salamander (Dubbed): Murder in the Matonage

    Episode 1

    Chief Inspector Paul Gerardi starts an investigation into the murder of political refugee Leon Tchite, who was fleeing Kitangi, a former Belgian colony in Africa. He discovers the murderer is a member of the secret organization known as Salamander.

  • Salamander (Dubbed): Unrest in the High Circles

    Episode 2

    The aftermath of the murder of the fugitive Leon Tchite creates shock waves all the way up to the highest political level at Brussels. The Prime Minister begins to contemplate if it is better to take Paul Gerardi off the case.

  • Salamander (Dubbed): The Jackie Lanciers Case

    Episode 3

    After causing an accident, Chief Inspector Paul Gerardi is put on non-active duty by his superiors. Desperate to regain his position, he makes an appointment with Jackie and receives incriminating evidence against General Bombe.

  • Salamander (Dubbed): Photo Hunting

    Episode 4

    While Paul Gerardi now has a photograph of the murder committed by General Bombe, he is distressed when he discover that the film is still missing. Meanwhile, Martine has a plan to stop him from finding the location of this crucial piece of evidence.

  • Salamander (Dubbed): Diamonds With a Dark Side

    Episode 5

    Upon closer examination, Chief Inspector Paul Gerardi learns that the diamond he got from Jackie is, in actuality, a blood diamond from Kitangi. Meanwhile, Jackie goes on the run in order to sell her diamonds in Cannes.

  • Salamander (Dubbed): The Secrets Come Up

    Episode 6

    Paul Gerardi has his diamond examined through his friend Kroneberg and it turns out to be a glass replica. Meanwhile, Jamie and Nicola manage to steal the film in which General Bombe is caught committing murder.

  • Salamander (Dubbed): The Bomb is Bursting

    Episode 7

    Paul Gerardi tries to reach Jackie, but discovers that she may have committed suicide. However, Paul has his doubts and wants proof. Kroneberg finds himself in a moral dilemma and contemplates revealing the entire conspiracy.

  • Salamander (Dubbed): Forbidden Love

    Episode 8

    Sofie and Jamie have a wonderful night on the coast of Northern France. Meanwhile, Paul Gerardi discovers that Jamie is working under orders from the secret society Salamander; he now believes that his daughter has been kidnapped.

  • Salamander (Dubbed): The Confrontation

    Episode 9

    Jamie decides to come clean and reveal everything about his past, including his connections to Salamander and the fact that his love for Sofie is sincere. Paul Gerardi is hoping he can get the lost film from him.

  • Salamander (Dubbed): The Lock

    Episode 10

    In the season finale, Martine and her friends go to the former Belgian colony Kitangi to close the deal around the diamond mines. Meanwhile, Adams informs the Prime Minister.