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Rough Cut

Rough Cut

6 Episodes

Carbo is being followed by a gang when a pair of new acquaintances offer to get them off his back-but there's a catch. Soon, Carbo becomes an unwitting pawn drawn into the middle of a criminal adventure leading him across the country and beyond.

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Rough Cut
  • Rough Cut: The Trap

    Episode 1

    A mysterious gang, The Unknowns, has been following Carbo-forcing him into hiding. So when Mici Finn and Les Moore track him down with an offer to help it seems too good to be true. Unbeknownst to him, he has a skill set the pair desperately needs.

  • Rough Cut: The Call

    Episode 2

    Carbo resolves once again to go off on his own. But an unexpected call from a new voice leaves him second guessing his decision. Will he decide it's worth sticking around to see what's up for offer after all?

  • Rough Cut: The Trip

    Episode 3

    Carbo sets off on a journey to North Wales and meets Gronw-discovering some unpleasant truths about his family's past in the process. But another meeting hopes to turn the trip around when he comes face to face with Antonia.

  • Rough Cut: The Plan

    Episode 4

    All the plan's players come together as rehearsals for the big heist begin. But complications arise as familiar faces come looking for Carbo-and their money-leaving Gwilym caught in the crossfire.

  • Rough Cut: The Bang

    Episode 5

    Rehearsals for the heist continue when Carbo and his friends decide to take a break from work for some beers and a game of pool. But a chance encounter reveals more truths to Carbo about the true nature of his father's death.

  • Rough Cut: The Celtic Pride

    Episode 6

    It's finally time for the big heist-but will everything go according to plan? The team receives bad news about Gronw leading them to wonder whether all their scheming and planning have been worth it all along.