Private Eye Vares

Private Eye Vares

6 Episodes

Private investigator, ladies’ man, hard-drinking pub regular: Jussi Vares is a hero whose laid-back nonchalance belies a rock-hard determination to solve the case. Created by bestselling Finnish crime author Reijo Maki, Vares radiates all the vulnerability and loneliness of a man who may not have found his place in life, but can pretty much do without it.

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Private Eye Vares
  • The Kiss of Evil

    Episode 1

    Vares is hired by a grieving mother to investigate the unsolved murder of her daughter, Kerttu. Directed by Anders Engström, 2011.

  • The Girls of April

    Episode 2

    Ten years ago, three fun-loving female students vanished one after the other. Directed by Lauri Törhönen, 2011.

  • Garter Snake

    Episode 3

    A distinguished lawyer suspects that his wife is cheating on him with the lounge pianist Lobo. Directed by Lauri Törhönen, 2011.

  • The Path of the Righteous Men

    Episode 4

    Investigating a murder in a small, secluded village, Vares discovers a town in the grip of a powerful religious sect. Directed by Lauri Törhönen, 2011.

  • Gambling Chip

    Episode 5

    Vares has fallen in love with a woman who is soon found dead. Directed by Anders Engström, 2012.

  • Tango of Darkness

    Episode 6

    Vares is getting nowhere in his investigation of the death of a famous tango singer. Directed by Lauri Törhönen, 2011.