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Prisoners of War (Dubbed)

Prisoners of War (Dubbed)

2 Seasons

17 years ago, three Israeli soldiers were captured in Lebanon. Two return home and begin to adjust to civilian life as an investigation is opened into the mysterious circumstances surrounding their captivity.

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Prisoners of War (Dubbed)
  • Prisoners of War (Dubbed): Goodbye, Sweetie

    Episode 1

    Nimrod and Uri believe Amiel is out there somewhere. alive. Their quest to find him begins with leading the Ministry of Defense to his possible location.

  • Prisoners of War (Dubbed): Happy Birthday

    Episode 2

    Talia and Nimrode's marriage is at an impasse while Nusrit and Uri make up for the 17 years they lost while Uri was held captive. Abdullah, the terrorist, wastes no time returning to crime and engages in an arms deal.

  • Prisoners of War (Dubbed): Little Lies

    Episode 3

    Abdullah is recruiting children to act as martyrs to carry out his next plot. Meanwhile, Uri has an emotional breakthrough and confides in Nusrit about the psychological torture he endured while in captivity.

  • Prisoners of War (Dubbed): Blue

    Episode 4

    What's connecting Amiel, Jamal, and Yusuf is finally revealed. Yusuf struggles with his thoughts ahead of carrying out a terrorist plot against Israel.

  • Prisoners of War (Dubbed): Platoon Secretary

    Episode 5

    Haim and Iris' investigation begins to yield results as they discover the connection between Amiel, Atar, and Dr. Ze'ev. Atar recruits Yinon for much more than his apparent talents.

  • Prisoners of War (Dubbed): Shores

    Episode 6

    Atar's motive for recruiting Yinon becomes clear. Haim and Iris' investigation heats up when they discover details of Operation Judas leading to a heated confrontation with Dr. Ze'ev.

  • Prisoners of War (Dubbed): The Picture

    Episode 7

    A photo of a man at the shore hangs in multiple locations. The image offers Yusuf comfort while causing suspicion for Haim. Uri and Iris investigate as Nimrode continues to struggle with civilian life.

  • Prisoners of War (Dubbed): Death of a Salesman

    Episode 8

    A deeper dive into Jamal's past reveals startling twists, while Yusuf is concerned about Ismail's newfound closeness to Abdullah. On the civilian front, Talia goes on a date with someone that deeply upsets Dana.

  • Prisoners of War (Dubbed): Mika's Boyfriend

    Episode 9

    Haim and Ze'ev continue orchestrating mind games against each other. When new details of Operation Judas are learned, the truth behind Yinon's mission is exposed.

  • Prisoners of War (Dubbed): Halva

    Episode 10

    Haim and Ze'ev focus their energy away from manipulating each other to decode Atal and Jamal's secret form of communication.

  • Prisoners of War (Dubbed): Our Woman in Damascus

    Episode 11

    Nimrode shares important details about what happened to Amiel. Nusrit goes behind enemy lines on a high stakes mission as Uri's health declines. Abdullah's suspicions about Yusuf increase, so he begins to trail him.

  • Prisoners of War (Dubbed): The Hannibal Procedure

    Episode 12

    A soldier's kidnapping impacts everyone on different levels. Yinon enters the final phase of training before executing Operation Judas. Hatzav's departure to the Israeli Army briefly reunites the Klien family.

  • Prisoners of War (Dubbed): Operation Judah

    Episode 13

    The soldier's kidnapping makes Yael worry while sparking immense guilt in Nimrode over what happened to Amiel.

  • Prisoners of War (Dubbed): Prisoners of War

    Episode 14

    Operation Judas is underway. Amiel finally arrives home, only to find that he has yet to face-and survive-the greatest conflict of his life.