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Piece of My Heart

Piece of My Heart

8 Episodes

In Helsinki, child protection agents, Rita and Laura, work tirelessly to protect children from recurrent trauma. A case becomes personal when it forces Rita to face her own disturbing childhood while Laura struggles to find work-life balance.

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Piece of My Heart
  • Piece of My Heart: Lake

    Episode 1

    Child protective services agent, Rita faces a threat to her career when a child goes missing from her lake house. Meanwhile, rookie agent Laura seeks Rita's help in a separate missing child case.

  • Piece of My Heart: Lock

    Episode 2

    A teen is released from prison and is struggling with life on the outside. Rita uses questionable methods to prevent the teen from reincarceration. Meanwhile, Laura's enlisted by her new boss to report on Rita's activity in exchange for job security.

  • Piece of My Heart: Blind

    Episode 3

    Pregnant teen, Jasmin, is starting to show as her home situation escalates. She enlists the help of Rita and Laura. Meanwhile, the mother of the missing child from the lakehouse returns to demand justice from Rita in a dangerous way.

  • Piece of My Heart: Sight

    Episode 4

    News of Jasmin's pregnancy is met with extreme emotion. Laura takes a custody case personally while Rita learns new information in the case of missing Elli. Jyrki comes into more power at the agency-will he abuse it?

  • Piece of My Heart: Jump

    Episode 5

    Jasmin battles whether or not to keep the baby when her pregnancy takes an unexpected turn. A break in missing Elli's case sends Rita on an unsanctioned mission to rescue the child, forcing her to make a questionable decision.

  • Piece of My Heart: Bounds

    Episode 6

    Jasmin runs away from the hospital after giving birth. Laura does everything she can to find Jasmin and keep her baby safe. Meanwhile, new evidence leads police to suspect Rita is involved in the disappearance of Elli.

  • Piece of My Heart: Crack

    Episode 7

    Jasmin considers putting the baby up for adoption. Laura investigates a dire situation in a privately funded juvenile center which causes Jyrki to face the consequences of his corrupt choices.

  • Piece of My Heart: Comfort

    Episode 8

    Christmas is approaching and tension is at an all time high at home for Laura. Jasmin must make a life-changing decision about her baby. Rita's forced to finally face her dark past as the search for Elli comes to a head.