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2 Seasons

Politics are no laughing matter, but in this satire, the entire European Parliament is a joke. New assistant Samy fumbles his way through reports and amendments, his boss literally runs away from work, and grown officials throw ragers over Brexit.

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  • Parlement: The Top Jobs Magic Circus

    Episode 1

    Riding high off his finning report's success, Samy returns for a fresh session of Parliament looking for a new MEP to work beneath. Hilarity ensues as he jockeys for the best position-unaware of the ripple effects of his words.

  • Parlement: CIA stuff

    Episode 2

    Samy's new MEP, Valentine Cantel, struggles to learn the Parliamentary ropes as Torsten comes up with a crazy plan to detangle Samy's MEP mess. Will the pair be able to find a new president in time-and will he be willing to hear Samy out?

  • Parlement: The President's New Clothes

    Episode 3

    Valentine is eager to get to work, but when she announces a set of flashy new reforms, Samy is sent scrambling to figure out what they actually look like. Meanwhile, Michel is as clueless as ever as he settles into his new role.

  • Parlement: Penguins

    Episode 4

    Samy and Valentine piece together a ragtag list for the Blue Deal team-now they just need to get everyone on board. For Samy, this may mean crossing a former ally. At the same time, Rose struggles to find her footing as a lobbyist.

  • Parlement: A Piece of the Action

    Episode 5

    As negotiations for the Blue Deal draw nearer, Samy and Valentine play political hardball to keep the lobbyists and activists in line. Torsten embarks on a mission to fend off the cruise industry and lands himself in decidedly hot water.

  • Parlement: Reptilians

    Episode 6

    Eamon jumps all in to get the Blue Deal across the line as Samy receives help from an unexpected source. Desperate to draw attention away from her performance at work, Rose decides to play matchmaker for her boss and enlists Torsten's help.

  • Parlement: Vox Pop

    Episode 7

    Left to his own devices, Michel goes off script in front of the media-with hilarious and disastrous results. Samy's gamble with the Poles looks like it might finally pay off, but not before intern Dragan threatens to ruin it all.

  • Parlement: The Forbidden City

    Episode 8

    With the fate of the Blue Deal on the line, Samy turns to Michel for help. As the pair embark on a hilarious jaunt around Parliament, Samy comes to a realization about himself. Meanwhile, Rose unpacks her feelings to an unsuspecting audience.

  • Parlement: Nothing is Agreed.

    Episode 9

    It's the trilogue and everyone's settled in for a long night of negotiations. At a stand still with the Dutch, Valentine finally figures out the piece that could change everything. Now they just need to figure out how to get it through negotiations.

  • Parlement: Until Everything is Agreed

    Episode 10

    With the Blue Deal finally done, Samy finds himself weighing where life will take him next: Paris or Thailand. Inspired by her boss, Rose finally decides to confront Samy-but will she be too late?