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2 Seasons

Politics are no laughing matter, but in this satire, the entire European Parliament is a joke. New assistant Samy fumbles his way through reports and amendments, his boss literally runs away from work, and grown officials throw ragers over Brexit.

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  • Parlement: Never Got Any Reports

    Episode 1

    It's Samy's first day as an MEP assistant in the European Parliament. He has no idea what he's doing, his boss is even more clueless, and he's already tasked with drafting regulation amendments. But first he'll have to learn what an amendment is.

  • Parlement: The Invincible Armada

    Episode 2

    After Samy's amendment on shark finning sparks quarreling between the parties, he must seek the help of his difficult-to-please political adviser, Maurice. But when they go after the same woman, Samy could make his first political enemy.

  • Parlement: Politics and Sausages

    Episode 3

    Samy is scrambling on all fronts. He needs to resolve the shark finning issue, his love interest might belong to the worst possible party, and Maurice still hates him. Luckily, he can count on his boss, Michel...or can he?

  • Parlement: The World's Oldest Profession

    Episode 4

    After struggling to win his first victory in parliament, Samy is pressured by Ingeborg to undo it all. Will he succumb or will he stand by his convictions? And how many times will he be duped by the same lobbyist? Rose takes a huge risk at work.

  • Parlement: Demos Kratos

    Episode 5

    Samy finds himself playing tour guide to a group of retired teachers, who decide to help him with his shark finning report. Can he get it passed or will Torsten get in the way? Meanwhile, Rose teaches Sharon about the Northern Ireland border issue.

  • Parlement: I'm Sharky

    Episode 6

    Samy, Rose, and Torsten organize a conference to raise awareness for shark finning. They invite a high-profile EU Commissioner as a celebrity speaker for the event, and she ends up breaking Samy's heart.

  • Parlement: Wild West Wing

    Episode 7

    As Samy's shark finning amendment gains support in parliament, a handsome American environmentalist arrives in Brussels for the campaign. When he and Rose hit it off, Samy finds himself feeling jealous.

  • Parlement: The Stability Pact

    Episode 8

    Samy and Rose get locked in at the office. After some liquor and questionable snacks, their usual sarcastic banter takes a flirtatious turn. Too bad Rose gets offered a job opportunity halfway around the world.

  • Parlement: Strasbourg Across the Rhine

    Episode 9

    The European Parliament is attending plenary sessions in Strasbourg, where Samy plans to table his shark finning amendment for voting. Ingeborg schemes to stop him, but he gets some unexpected help from Eamon. Rose causes a bomb scare.

  • Parlement: There Was a Young Shark

    Episode 10

    Ingeborg forces Michel to betray Samy in order to kill his amendment. But it's voting day and Samy will stop at nothing to get it passed-he's Samy the Shark after all. Can he secure a political victory and win over Rose?