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Pagan Peak

Pagan Peak

3 Seasons

When a gruesomely staged body is found at the German-Austrian border, two detectives investigate. As the ritual-like murders continue, they enter the killer's sinister world, set in the Alpine wilderness. Originally aired in Germany as Der Pass.

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Pagan Peak
  • Pagan Peak: Test

    Episode 1

    One year on, Ellie is still haunted by the "Krampuskiller," putting her colleagues in danger. An unlikely bond forms between Ellie and junior officer Yela Antic, while a young millionaire discovers his sadistic side.

  • Pagan Peak: Evil in the Eyes

    Episode 2

    Gedeon wakes from a coma only to receive unwelcome news from his medical team. Meanwhile, Ellie struggles to hide the extent of her trauma. A new case comes in from Austrian investigators-prompting Ellie to pass it to new colleague Yela.

  • Pagan Peak: You are My Brother

    Episode 3

    Yela travels to Austria for the investigation, and is greeted by Riffeser and Christian, who are both assigned to the case. Feeling frustrated by a lack of progress, Yela decides to turn to a familiar face for help, with promising results.

  • Pagan Peak: The Poacher

    Episode 4

    After more than a year of silence, the killer strikes again. But when an outsider throws Yela and Gedeon's investigation off track, it comes with serious repercussions. Undeterred, Yela takes her hunt dangerously close to the killer.

  • Pagan Peak: Us Two

    Episode 5

    A grim discovery is made about Yela, prompting Ellie to return. Meanwhile, the team works to trap the murderer once and for all. But when their plans are foiled they begin to suspect there's a mole within their ranks.

  • Pagan Peak: The Long Sleep

    Episode 6

    After a fourth body turns up, Ellie and Gedeon's investigation leads them to a secretive and elite hunting club. But when the members rebuff police attention, the pair are forced to take unethical measures as they zero in on the killer.

  • Pagan Peak: Behind the Mask

    Episode 7

    With a fifth woman within the killer's grasp, it's a race against the clock to unveil the murderer's identity. Both Gedeon and Ellie battle to hide their struggles as their prime suspect slips through the pair's fingers.

  • Pagan Peak: Betrayal

    Episode 8

    Determined to stop the killer, Gedeon and Ellie believe they've found the key to bringing the whole case to a close. But when the pieces don't quite add up, Ellie pushes further, revealing shocking truths about her partner and friend.