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Murder In...

Murder In...

5 Seasons

A gorgeous collection of mysteries, each one set in a different, picturesque region of France. Enjoy French towns and areas you may never have seen before!

Murder In...
  • Murder In...: Avignon (Sn 2 Ep 1)

    Episode 1

    A top investigator teams up with her aunt to solve a case involving a skeleton found in papal vault. Directed by Stéphane Kappes, 2015.

  • Murder In...: Aix Island (Sn 2 Ep 2)

    Episode 2

    A mainland police chief needs help from the mayor of Aix island to solve the case of a body found in a unmanned boat. Directed by François Guérin, 2016.

  • Murder In...: Bastia (Sn 2 Ep 3)

    Episode 3

    A police chief struggles to put the past aside while investigating a brutal murder in her hometown. Directed by Stéphanie Murat, 2017.

  • Murder In...: Hossegor (Sn 2 Ep 4)

    Episode 4

    A local aristocrat is found murdered in a way that depicts a 600-year-old legend. Directed by Jean-Marc Therin, 2017.

  • Murder In...: Maussane (Sn 2 Ep 5)

    Episode 5

    Elisabeth and Paul uncover family secrets while investigating the death of a mill owner's wife in Maussane. Directed by Eric Duret, 2017.

  • Murder In...: Sarlat (Sn 2 Ep 6)

    Episode 6

    The son of a food manufacturer is murdered with a pitchfork, suggesting deaths inflicted in a 17th century rebellion. Directed by Delphine Lemoine, 2017.

  • Murder In...: Saint Paul de Vence (Sn 2 Ep 7)

    Episode 7

    National and regional police team up to solve the case of a young woman found dead in a hotel swimming pool. Directed by Emmanuel Rigaut, 2017.

  • Murder In...: Tours (Sn 2 Ep 8)

    Episode 8

    A sculptor's murder appears to be linked to a missing relic of St. Martin. Directed by François Guérin, 2018.

  • Murder In...: Cornouaille (Sn 2 Ep 9)

    Episode 9

    Husband and wife investigators look into the death of a woman wearing the costume of a Celtic princess. Directed by Franck Mancuso, 2018.