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Murder In

Murder In

12 Seasons

A gorgeous collection of mysteries, each one set in a different, picturesque region of France. Enjoy French towns and areas you may never have seen before!

Murder In
  • Murder In: Le Mans

    Episode 1

    An investigation ensues after the body of a Le Mans driver is discovered on the track.

  • Murder In: Charente

    Episode 2

    Maud Arthuis is entrusted to oversee an investigation into the death of a local Tai-Chi student.

  • Murder In: Brouage

    Episode 3

    In a small town in the south-west of France, tragedy strikes.

  • Murder In: Finistre

    Episode 4

    Captain Morgane Ledantec is confronted with the discovery of human bones after a storm.

  • Murder In: Font-Romeu

    Episode 5

    A small town is in shock after a religious leader is found murdered.

  • Murder In: Pont-Aven

    Episode 6

    The investigation into the murder of the young gallery owner allows police captain Marion Darosa to unwittingly solve the mystery surrounding the death of her mother.

  • Murder In: The Bearn

    Episode 7

    A body is found in the river under the famous Pont de la Legende de Sauveterre.

  • Murder In: Guadeloupe

    Episode 8

    When a renowned industrialist is found murdered, a retired cop returns to service and leads the investigation.

  • Murder In: Lerins Islands

    Episode 9

    A film producer is found dead on the set of a new movie inspired by the Man in the the Iron Mask.

  • Murder In: Cote Sauvage

    Episode 10

    A captain of the gendarmerie teams up with a narcotics officer after a body washes up on the beach.

  • Murder In: Vendee

    Episode 11

    Secrets of a 1920 shipwreck are uncovered during an investigation into the murder of a journalist.

  • Murder In: Les Saintes

    Episode 12

    The body of a hotel owner is found at the bottom of a cliff.

  • "Murder In… EP 1213" Available July 23

    Episode 13

    The Dinard resort prepares for a British film festival when the body of a director is discovered.

    This episode will be made available July 23.