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Movie of the Week

Movie of the Week

6 Seasons

Expand your horizons with a new international TV movie every week: drama, comedy, romance, fantasy, mystery and thrills. Vive la France and beyond!

Movie of the Week
  • The Accidental Lover

    Episode 1

    After a serious car accident, a man is shocked to discover a stranger is posing as his paralyzed wife.

  • The Missing Granddaughter

    Episode 2

    A woman discovers her granddaughter, missing since she was a baby, is still alive.

  • Marie Octobre

    Episode 3

    Ten years after the liberation of Paris, former resistance fighters are invited to a reunion to expose a traitor in their midst.

  • Mr. Monde Vanishes

    Episode 4

    On his 48th birthday, a successful Parisian businessman and family man runs off to the French Riviera.

  • Nadia

    Episode 5

    After her son is accepted to a prestigious school, Nadia moves to Paris with him and faces challenges in the big city.

  • Still Lives

    Episode 6

    Hitchcockian thriller about a woman who chances upon images of murder on a roll of film.

  • Rugby Star

    Episode 7

    A young man becomes the icon of a very unusual rugby team.

  • The Shadow Woman

    Episode 8

    A young woman is suspected of kidnapping her seven-year-old daughter.

  • The Age of the Stateless

    Episode 9

    A former refugee works as a translator for the French Office for the Protection of Migrants.

  • The Diva of the High Rises

    Episode 10

    The inspirational true story of a young Algerian girl in the slums outside Paris who grows up to be a famous singer.

  • The Jangling of Keys

    Episode 11

    Alexis falls in love with Lea, but his new job in a Nancy detention center impacts their burgeoning relationship.

  • Movie of the Week: Planet 5000

    Episode 12

    The lives of young Sergio and Iris revolve around a dangerous cult.

  • Movie of the Week: Repercussions

    Episode 13

    The lives of longtime friends are turned upside down when one of them dies on the road after a drinking party.

  • Movie of the Week: Robin

    Episode 14

    23-year-old Robin lives with his aunt in the south of France and trains for his passion - parkour.

  • Movie of the Week: Summer Camp

    Episode 15

    A burglar evades the police by pretending to be a summer camp counselor - with hilarious results.

  • Movie of the Week: Thank God We Have Each Other

    Episode 16

    13-year-old Vincent, separated from his mother and neglected by his father, takes care of his two younger siblings on his own.

  • Movie of the Week: They Swapped My Baby

    Episode 17

    The true story of Sophie Serrano, a single mother who discovers her nine-year-old daughter was swapped with another infant at birth.

  • Movie of the Week: Thick As Thieves

    Episode 18

    A trio of septuagenarians hatch an elaborate con to exact revenge against the man responsible for their friend's death.

  • Movie of the Week: Tragedy on the High Seas

    Episode 19

    After her husband's trawler boat sinks inexplicably, Nolwenn takes it on herself to investigate the cause of the accident.

  • Movie of the Week: Winter Roses

    Episode 20

    Diagnosed with an incurable disease, 80-year-old Jean decides to stop his treatment and end his life.