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Movie of the Week

Movie of the Week

6 Seasons

Expand your horizons with a new international TV movie every week: drama, comedy, romance, fantasy, mystery and thrills. Vive la France and beyond!

Movie of the Week
  • Who Will Take Care of Jacques?

    Episode 1

    When their father dies, three siblings find themselves helpless as they now have to care for their brother Jacques, who suffers from schizophrenia.

  • Family Business

    Episode 2

    Two brothers are called upon to be potential kidney donors for their little sister.

  • Secret in the Mountain

    Episode 3

    Brave miners save Europe's largest stolen art treasure from being destroyed by Nazis at the end of World War II.

  • In the Shadow of Fear

    Episode 4

    An intuitive psychiatrist must assess the behavior of a twisted architect after he kidnaps and abuses a woman.

  • Hospital Alert

    Episode 5

    A female anesthetist is embroiled in strange happenings at a mountain hospital in the French countryside.

  • Blanche Maupas

    Episode 6

    In 1915 France, a war widow desperately tries to uncover the truth about her husband's death.

  • A Labor of Love

    Episode 7

    A business executive finds love when he is sentenced to community service in the French countryside.

  • Bandits

    Episode 8

    An armored car driver goes on the run after stealing five million euros.

  • Colombine

    Episode 9

    A whisky-drinking, gun-toting nun looks after orphans in West Africa.

  • Death of a Rookie

    Episode 10

    A police cadet investigates the murder of her brother and fellow cadet at the police academy.

  • My Son

    Episode 11

    Following his wife's death, a French steelworker travels to Colombia to reconnect with his son.

  • Online Justice

    Episode 12

    A man is caught in a storm of public rage when a 16-year-old girl mounts a social media campaign accusing him of murdering her father.

  • Owning It

    Episode 13

    A young girl from the Saint-Denis projects finds herself in a new world when she enrolls at the famous Henri IV high school in Paris.