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Movie of the Week

Movie of the Week

6 Seasons

Expand your horizons with a new international TV movie every week: drama, comedy, romance, fantasy, mystery and thrills. Vive la France and beyond!

Movie of the Week
  • Arletty: A Guilty Passion

    Episode 1

    In occupied Paris during the filming of ‘Les Enfants du Paradis’, nonconformist actress Arletty falls in love with a German officer and faces the consequences of her actions.

  • The King, the Squirrel and the Grass Snake, Part 1

    Episode 2

    First part of a two-part feature on the life of 17th century French nobleman Nicolas Fouquet, who had a glittering career before he fell out with King Louis XIV.

  • The King, the Squirrel and the Grass Snake, Part 2

    Episode 3

    The second and final chapter tells the tragic story of the downfall of 17th century French nobleman Nicolas Fouquet.

  • Stroke of Luck

    Episode 4

    Family drama about a young widow raising two children, whose lives are irrevocably changed after a sudden accident.

  • Rose and the Captain

    Episode 5

    In 1942 Martinique, a young teacher is torn between the resistance and her love of a French soldier.

  • The Brave Judge

    Episode 6

    In 1910, a brave judge leads a campaign against a notorious boarding school that preys upon and abuses its young charges.

  • Seasons of Love

    Episode 7

    Philippe falls in love with a beautiful stranger and decides to marry her - against the will of his parents.

  • Manon Lescaut

    Episode 8

    Amiens, 1713: A young nobleman abandons his privileged life and runs away with Manon Lescaut, a candlemaker's daughter.

  • Me Against the World

    Episode 9

    A single mother battles big pharma after her son suffers a debilitating reaction to a prescription drug.

  • Young Mothers in the '70s

    Episode 10

    On the outskirts of Paris, a notorious home for teenage mothers is rocked from the inside by a social revolution.

  • Dr. Blanche's Clinic

    Episode 11

    In mid-19th century France, two doctors with very different methods compete in the brand-new field of psychiatry.

  • Last Dance

    Episode 12

    Two teens spend summer vacation in the country in this heartwarming coming-of-age story.

  • Marie and Madeleine

    Episode 13

    In Nazi-occupied France, the madam of a brothel seeks refuge for herself and her girls - in a convent!