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Movie of the Week

Movie of the Week

6 Seasons

Expand your horizons with a new international TV movie every week: drama, comedy, romance, fantasy, mystery and thrills. Vive la France and beyond!

Movie of the Week
  • A Change of Heart

    Episode 1

    A brilliant, brittle surgeon learns what it's like to be on the other end of the scalpel when he is diagnosed with a serious heart ailment.

  • The Fall of the Male Empire

    Episode 2

    After a visit to the Natural History Museum, Simon is convinced a prehistoric man has escaped from the Evolution Gallery and is meddling in his life as a modern male.

  • Brother and Sister

    Episode 3

    A 50-something lawyer's solitary life is upended when he discovers he has a 15-year-old half sister!

  • Bankable

    Episode 4

    The wealthy Deville family loses their fortune at the same time the unassuming Ricci family suddenly become internet millionaires; things look bleak until their mutual banker suggests Mr. Deville goes to work for the Riccis!

  • Just Like Home

    Episode 5

    A French family plans to swap homes with a Turkish family for the holidays - but things do not go as planned.

  • Love Naturally, Part 1

    Episode 6

    Parisian businesswoman Lili travels to rural France for a wedding and falls in love with Luc, a single father and farmer.

  • Love Naturally, Part 2

    Episode 7

    City girl Lili and country boy Luc struggle to keep their marriage afloat.

  • Goodbye and See You Soon

    Episode 8

    60-something Henri meets 50-something Lila, and sparks fly - until they both must reconcile their very different lives and backgrounds.

  • A Man Au Pair

    Episode 9

    Unemployed Maxime is finally offered a full-time job, well-paid but for an indeterminate time... as a nanny!

  • Unexpected Love

    Episode 10

    Jeanne Dorwa, 57, faces early retirement when she falls head-over-heels in love with 35-year-old Pascal, throwing her life and everyone around her into turmoil.

  • Without a Trace

    Episode 11

    Two mismatched strangers, Martin and Adele, try to unravel the mysterious disappearance of Martin's son and Adele's father, who were living together a couple.

  • Life After Killing

    Episode 12

    An Italian jeweler shoots a robber in self-defense in front of his family - now, he must face the consequences of his actions.

  • Russian Roulette

    Episode 13

    An antiques dealer hatches a devilish plan to get rid of his wife, setting off a deadly game of cat-and-mouse.

  • Storm Warning

    Episode 14

    As an unforgettable storm lashes the Breton town of Perros-Guirec, a ten-year-old boy goes missing.

  • Valparaiso

    Episode 15

    A young member of the European Parliament faces a conflict of interest as she leads an investigation into an oil tanker disaster.

  • A Mysterious Disappearance

    Episode 16

    A violent dispute between a butcher and his wife leads to her disappearance and possible murder.

  • Under Pressure

    Episode 17

    Justine struggles to reconcile her family life and her job as a police officer when she faces an internal affairs investigation into stolen money.

  • Thirst for Life

    Episode 18

    A young mother is gradually consumed by alcoholism.

  • A Smell of Blood

    Episode 19

    Murder strikes a family-run perfume business, and everyone is a suspect.

  • Unveiled

    Episode 20

    A grandmother desperately tries to discover the truth behind her granddaughter's conversion to Islam.

  • One Thing at a Time

    Episode 21

    A lawyer defends his childhood friend accused of killing his wife.

  • Raining Cats and Dogs

    Episode 22

    Two down-on-their-luck strangers become improbable companions in misfortune.

  • Surveillance

    Episode 23

    Hired to oversee the security of a superstore, Pierre soon discovers a dark secret and becomes a threat to the system he helped create.

  • Welcome, Kaniusha

    Episode 24

    A teacher goes the distance to help her new student whose family is threatened with deportation.