Marie's Mind for Murder

Marie's Mind for Murder

10 Episodes

After the death of her policeman father, Inspector Marie Brand (Mariele Millowitsch) said goodbye to homicide - or so she thought. But after being called in to consult on a difficult case she finds herself back on the job, working with the very handsome Inspector Jü rgen Simmel, a ladies’ man with a soft spot for Marie. With her brilliant, analytical mind for murder and Simmel’s more hands-on approach, these two form a perfect team!

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Marie's Mind for Murder
  • The Perils of Greed

    Episode 1

    Inspector Marie Brand she is called in to consult on a burglary that resulted in a seemingly accidental death. Directed by René Heisig, 2008.

  • The Charm of Evil

    Episode 2

    Marie and Simmel investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding the victim of a car bomb. Directed by Christoph Schnee, 2008..

  • The Night of Retribution

    Episode 3

    When the chief executive of a baby supply company, his wife and mistress are all found dead, it appears to be an open-and-shut case. Directed by Manuel Siebenmann, 2009.

  • Murderous Oblivion

    Episode 4

    Marie and Simmel investigate the death of a noted neuropathologist, whose coffee is found to have been poisoned. Directed by Florian Kern, 2009.

  • The Last Ride

    Episode 5

    A manufacturer of high-tech rides is found dead at an amusement park. Directed by Marcus Weiler, 2011.

  • The Lady in the Game

    Episode 6

    A paralyzed former chess champion is linked to the murder of a prostitute, who had visited him shortly before a crucial match. Directed by Christoph Schnee, 2011.

  • The Fall of Mankind

    Episode 7

    Marie and Simmel investigate a body found in a Cologne high-rise estate, where a charismatic and well-respected pastor runs an extremely popular community church. Directed by Marcus Weiler, 2011.

  • The Moment of Death

    Episode 8

    A curator is murdered in a museum, shortly after a retrospective of a contemporary artist whose most famous paintin has been stolen. Directed by Josh Broecker, 2011.

  • The Wrong Woman

    Episode 9

    After an eyewitness is murdered, Marie and Simmel investigate the kidnapping of a banker’s wife. Directed by Josh Broecker, 2012.

  • Song of Love and Death

    Episode 10

    An industrial climber falls to his death during a presentation for a corporate image film, and Marie isn’t convinced it was an accident. Directed by Christiane Balthasar, 2012.