9 Seasons

Sporting his pipe that seems a nod to Sherlock Holmes, the pragmatic, reserved and refined Maigret investigates murders in his singular unhurried manner and inevitably discovers the truth. To crack his cases he peels back the veneer of seemingly idyllic villages and neighborhoods, exposing the criminals who lurk in all levels of society. These feature-length films pay homage to one of the most brilliant detective minds of the the 20th century.

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  • A Shadow in the Courtyard

    Episode 1

    Maigret investigates after the owner of a drug company is found shot to death. Directed by Charles Nemes, 2004.

  • Maigret at the Doctor's

    Episode 2

    Dr. Baron is a respectable physician, father of two children and the employer of a dead maid. Directed by Claudio Tonetti, 2004.

  • Maigret Rents a Room

    Episode 3

    Maigret poses as a guest to investigate a boarding house where one of his subordinates was shot during a stakeout. Directed by Laurent Heynemann, 2004.

  • The Lady's Companion

    Episode 4

    Maigret is in Caen to assist in organizing the local police department. Directed by Franck Apprederis, 2004.

  • Seven Little Crosses

    Episode 5

    Mid-August in Paris, and Maigret is due to leave on vacation but his travel plans are interrupted when a body is discovered. Directed by Jerome Boivin, 2004..

  • Maigret at the Etoile Du Nord

    Episode 6

    A man is killed in a hotel in Paris and Maigret meets a young woman who claims to be a prostitute. Directed by Charles Nemes, 2005.