9 Seasons

Sporting his pipe that seems a nod to Sherlock Holmes, the pragmatic, reserved and refined Maigret investigates murders in his singular unhurried manner and inevitably discovers the truth. To crack his cases he peels back the veneer of seemingly idyllic villages and neighborhoods, exposing the criminals who lurk in all levels of society. These feature-length films pay homage to one of the most brilliant detective minds of the the 20th century.

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  • Maigret: Maigret at the Majestic (Sn 2 Ep 1)

    Episode 1

    An employee of the prestigious Hotel Majestic finds a corpse in the staff locker room. Directed by Claude Goretta, 1992.

  • Maigret: Maigret on Trial (Sn 2 Ep 2)

    Episode 2

    Inspector Maigret is accused of taking advantage of the teenage daughter of a prominent public official by getting her drunk in a bar. Directed by Andrzej Kostenko, 1993.

  • Maigret: Maigret's Patience (Sn 2 Ep 3)

    Episode 3

    Maigret investigates a wheelchair-bound veteran criminal as the mastermind behind the latest string of jewel robberies. Directed by Andrzej Kostenko, 1993.

  • Maigret: Maigret and the Man on the Bench (Sn 2 Ep 4)

    Episode 4

    It should be easy enough to identify a man murdered just off a busy Parisian boulevard at the height of the evening rush hour. Directed by Etienne Perier, 1993.

  • Maigret: Maigret and the Reluctant Witness (Sn 2 Ep 5)

    Episode 5

    Though a drunken bargeman hears gun shots from a riverside house, none of the seven people inside the house corroborate his story. Directed by Michel Sibra, 1993.

  • Maigret: Maigret and the Ghost (Sn 2 Ep 6)

    Episode 6

    Inspector Maigret sets out to unravel multiple mysteries on foreign soil, aided by a bilingual Finnish cop. Directed by Hannu Kahakorpi, 1994.