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Lambs of God

Lambs of God

4 Episodes

This gothic horror series follows three nuns who inhabit an isolated, run-down convent. When a stranger threatens to disrupt their eccentric way of life, all hell breaks loose. Starring Essie Davis, Sam Reid, Jessica Barden and Emmy winner Ann Dowd.

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Lambs of God
  • Lambs of God: The Devil into Paradise

    Episode 1

    The peaceful existence of three eccentric, secluded nuns living in a remote island monastery is shattered when a priest unwittingly happens upon them.

  • Lambs of God: The Blood of Eden

    Episode 2

    As Frankie launches a search for her missing brother, the nuns give Ignatius an ultimatum: wed himself to their order or face certain death. Margarita continues to struggle with the demons of her past.

  • Lambs of God: The Beast Incarnate

    Episode 3

    A lifetime of lies causes a divide between Carla and her sisters; Iphigenia is forced to deal with her past in order to face her future.

  • Lambs of God: Resurrection

    Episode 4

    As a memorial is held for Ignatius on the mainland, Iphigenia's loyalty is tested when she considers a deal with the devil to save the monastery. Margarita's past threatens to destroy them all.