Johan Falk

Johan Falk

2 Seasons

Special operations officer Johan Falk and his team use extraordinary methods and deep cover informants to take down organized crime in Gothenburg and beyond.

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Johan Falk
  • Special Operations Group

    Episode 1

    GSI’s investigation of a criminal gang brings Johan Falk into contact with an underworld informant known only by the codename “Lisa.” Directed by Anders Nilsson, 2009.

  • Brothers in Arms

    Episode 2

    Johan Falk and Frank infiltrate one of Sweden’s toughest criminal gangs and discover someone is plotting to acquire armor-piercing grenade. Directed by Anders Nilsson, 2009.

  • National Target

    Episode 3

    During a seizure of Estonian amphetamines, GSI realize they're dealing with the legendary Russian mafia boss "Mr. Directed by Richard Holm, 2009.

  • Leo Gaut

    Episode 4

    A violent war in the restaurant business has flared up, and Johan Falk learns that one of the restaurants is run by a gangster he put behind bars years ago. Directed by Richard Holm, 2009.

  • Operation Nightingale

    Episode 5

    Johan Falk and the GSI team go after sex traffickers importing young women from the East and forcing them into prostitution. Directed by Daniel Lind Lagerlöf, 2009.

  • The Outlawed

    Episode 6

    A prosecutor pursuing the most dangerous motorcycle gang in the country is killed in a bombing - the first of many - and GSI becomes a political scapegoat. Directed by Daniel Lind Lagerlöf, 2009.