Homicide Unit Istanbul

Homicide Unit Istanbul

2 Seasons

Inspector Mehmet Özakin is a by-the-book cop in Istanbul, constantly fighting a battle on two fronts: against the criminals in the city of 15 million on the one hand, and against the bureaucratic laziness of his fellow countrymen on the other. He always manages to solve his cases with Mediterranean charm and his trusty oddball sidekick Mustafa, who suffers from a seriously domineering mother and a case of Oedipal insecurity. Together, the unlikely duo chase down killers and crooks amid the stunning scenery.

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Homicide Unit Istanbul
  • The Second Lead

    Episode 1

    Özakin and team investigate the stabbing of an archeology museum security guard. Directed by Thorsten Schmidt, 2014.

  • The End of Alp Atakan

    Episode 2

    When the body double for a soap opera star is murdered at a premiere, everyone fears for the celebrity's safety. Directed by Thorsten Schmidt, 2014.

  • Offsides

    Episode 3

    A young German au pair who appeared to enjoy nightclubbing is found murdered in an alley. Directed by Thomas Jauch, 2015.

  • Club Royal

    Episode 4

    A troubled young woman from a conservative family faces pressure to leave the university. Directed by Thomas Jauch, 2015.

  • The Bosporus Broker

    Episode 5

    A man who worked with a shady investment firm is found dead in the Bosporus. Directed by Thomas Jauch, 2015.