Homicide Unit Istanbul

Homicide Unit Istanbul

2 Seasons

Inspector Mehmet Özakin is a by-the-book cop in Istanbul, constantly fighting a battle on two fronts: against the criminals in the city of 15 million on the one hand, and against the bureaucratic laziness of his fellow countrymen on the other. He always manages to solve his cases with Mediterranean charm and his trusty oddball sidekick Mustafa, who suffers from a seriously domineering mother and a case of Oedipal insecurity. Together, the unlikely duo chase down killers and crooks amid the stunning scenery.

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Homicide Unit Istanbul
  • Last Stop Istanbul

    Episode 1

    When a German reporter is found murdered, Inspector Mehmet Özakin and his assistant Mustafa Tombul have to delve into the "foreign" world of tourism in Istanbul. Directed by Michael Steinke, 2008.

  • Murder on the Bosporus

    Episode 2

    Inspector Özakin has to leave his own wedding anniversary celebration when he’s called to a murder scene. Directed by Michael Kreindl, 2009.

  • In Your Hand

    Episode 3

    Ariane Albayrak comes to Turkey, desperately searching for her son who was abducted by his father. Directed by Helmut Metzger, 2010.

  • The Stone Warriors

    Episode 4

    A renowned gallery owner is found bludgeoned to death in his art gallery. Directed by Michael Kreindl, 2010.

  • The Price of Life

    Episode 5

    Özakin and his wife witness a car bomb go off in downtown Istanbul. Directed by Michael Kreindl, 2010.

  • Bond of Blood

    Episode 6

    Inspector Mehmet Özakin has a series of murders on his hands. Directed by Michael Kreindl, 2012.

  • Transit
    Episode 7


    Episode 7

    Inspector Mehmet Özakin investigates the death of a cab driver, who seems to have been smuggling immigrants on the side. Directed by Michael Kreindl, 2012.

  • Silent Witness

    Episode 8

    The Hunals, a married couple, are found shot in their Istanbul apartment. Directed by Michael Kreindl, 2013.

  • Tarlabasi

    Episode 9

    A real estate developer who was planning to tear down an old part of town is found dead in his summer home. Directed by Michael Kreindl, 2013.