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Happily Married

Happily Married

2 Seasons

After dropping their kids off at summer camp, two couples are forced to face their marital issues and discover new ways to ignite their passions: murder and crime.

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Happily Married
  • Happily Married: Pilot

    Episode 1

    In 1974, two couples-the Delisles and the Paquettes-drop off their kids at summer camp and are left with a slew of marital problems: infidelity, resentment, existential crises. Everything changes when Huguette buys a rifle and disappears.

  • Happily Married: Hunting Season

    Episode 2

    Somebody mysteriously shoots at Gaétan. Was it his friend Serge, whose wife he's been sleeping with? Or was it his own wife, Huguette? When he confronts her, she reveals a surprisingly intimidating side. Is she a natural-born killer?

  • Happily Married: My Little Japanese Girl

    Episode 3

    Her marriage might be in shambles, but Huguette might have found her calling. After impressing henchman Rene, he introduces her to his boss, Kingpin. Huguette gets her first job, but can she go through with it?

  • Happily Married: A Carpet to Slide On

    Episode 4

    The gang bonds when they help Huguette clean up after her job. When Huguette goes to collect her compensation, she gets berated by Kingpin for botching the assignment. Huguette takes brutal revenge against Kingpin.

  • Happily Married: I Eat Like A Cockoo

    Episode 5

    After René warns Gaétan that Kingpin’s planning his revenge with the help of two men, the gang try to get to them first. René confesses his feelings for Huguette. Gaétan commits his first major crime.

  • Happily Married: Ready For The Bizarre

    Episode 6

    The gang start to think of themselves as a proper criminal organization, with the exception of Serge. But when his co-workers try to blackmail him, his dark side finally comes out. Huguette tries to scare Kingpin into retiring.

  • Happily Married: The Demoiselle

    Episode 7

    With Micheline on a cocaine bender in Montreal, Serge convinces the others to go after Kingpin's empire in Sainte-Foy. When Gaétan and Serge find themselves held hostage by Kingpin and his associate, the gang proves they're not easily defeated.

  • Happily Married: The Jade Flue Position

    Episode 8

    The couples restructure their organization and elect Huguette as leader. Kingpin forms an alliance with a dangerous biker gang. When they come after Huguette, the altercation ends with more dead bodies and a shocking betrayal.

  • Happily Married: Lonely At The Top

    Episode 9

    The gang is falling apart. Huguette is depressed, their houses are bugged, and Serge's pool gets defiled. As Coco and Puff reveal a major secret, the gang receives a disturbing warning involving Huguette and Gaétan's son, Martin.

  • Happily Married: Hug The Kids

    Episode 10

    The gang go to rescue the kids, which leads to a bloody shootout in the woods with the bikers, Kingpin, and Biscuit. Will the legendary Sainte-Foy Killers make it out alive? And will they finally achieve marital bliss?