Fog and Crimes

Fog and Crimes

3 Seasons

A passion for the job makes Franco Soneri Ferrara’s best investigator but also its most difficult. He’s brusque and inscrutable, but he and his team manage to discover what others would like to keep hidden: addictions, pedophilia, secret loves, and even injustices left over from World War II.

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Fog and Crimes
  • The River of Fog

    Episode 1

    An empty barge drifts downriver with the owner missing. Directed by Riccardo Donna, 2005.

  • Rooms for Rent

    Episode 2

    As he investigates the murder of an elderly friend, Soneri realizes he didn't really know her. Directed by Riccardo Donna, 2005.

  • Trying to Forget

    Episode 3

    Soneri tries to find out what made a former police inspector go bad. Directed by Riccardo Donna, 2005.

  • The Mystery Film Club

    Episode 4

    Soneri finds himself with an all-female case, filled with men who are too much in love, girls with messy pasts and fellow officers with secrets. Directed by Riccardo Donna, 2005.