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Fireplaces of the World

Fireplaces of the World

5 Episodes

What's it like gathering around a fire in Norway? Or Japan? This winter, cozy up to five unique fireplaces from around the world with this series of video-wallpaper fires that warm your home while transporting you to breathtaking locations.

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Fireplaces of the World
  • Fireplaces of the World: Norway (with music)

    Episode 1

    Featuring a suspended fireplace in front of floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook the untouched open fields of Norway, this architecturally stunning house offers the luxury of modern living while off the grid. Featuring music by Shoal.

  • Fireplaces of the World: Tanzania (with music)

    Episode 2

    Who needs a fireplace when you have zebras and giraffes? This outdoor bonfire in the open wilderness of Tanzania proves that the pleasure of gathering around a fire does not always require an indoor structure. Featuring music by Penya.

  • Fireplaces of the World: Japan (with music)

    Episode 3

    Step inside this traditional Japanese bamboo house, pour yourself a cup of tea, and sit by a warming cauldron hanging over an open fire pit. The best part? Imagining what heavenly aroma is wafting out of it. Featuring music by Yumi Kurosawa.

  • Fireplaces of the World: Argentina (with music)

    Episode 4

    Nestled deep in the lush jungles of Argentina, this whimsically designed wooden house features a clay hearth that's perfect for meditating in front of a fire and when nighttime brings cooler temperatures. Featuring music by Acid Twilight.

  • Fireplaces of the World: USA (with music)

    Episode 5

    There's nothing more classic than reading a book by the fire in a rustic American lodge. Let the sound of the crackling fire and the soft ambient music put you in a state of complete relaxation. Featuring music by Ben McElroy.