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7 Episodes

Based on a true story. In 2002 a bank teller turns herself into police, confessing she's embezzled millions to protect her gambling addict brother. The investigation reveals multi-layer corruption in Israel.

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  • Embezzlement: The Teller

    Episode 1

    Based on a true story. Eti Alon is a successful banker who will stop at nothing to protect her brother from his nefarious activities.

  • Embezzlement: The Silver Peacock

    Episode 2

    Ofer goes further into debt with the organized crime family. Despite the risks, Eti hatches a plan to bail him out again, but her efforts land her on the crime organization's radar.

  • Embezzlement: Tell Me You Love Me

    Episode 3

    Eti makes a shocking discovery about another family member, meanwhile, Ofer goes to Bulgaria on vacation with his wife and disappoints everyone. Ofer's consequences are mounting.

  • Embezzlement: The Triple Axel

    Episode 4

    Eti feels more pressure and begins acting suspicious at work when her supervisor returns from maternity leave. Meanwhile, Eti needs to find somewhere for Ofer to hide after his most recent gambling binge turns violent.

  • Embezzlement: The Magician

    Episode 5

    On the brink of Y2K, people are withdrawing cash from banks in fear of a devastating computer crash. Meanwhile, the pressure increases on Eti, and she consults a local crime lord for help.

  • Embezzlement: The End of the World

    Episode 6

    Ofer is on the run. Eti can't take the pressure any longer and decides she must go on the run or turn herself in to the police.

  • Embezzlement: How Much Did You Bet On Us?

    Episode 7

    The truth comes out in court. Eti takes the stand against her brother and faces a lengthy jail sentence.