Donna Leon's Brunetti Mysteries

Donna Leon's Brunetti Mysteries

20 Episodes

Murder, Venice,'s a delicious concoction in the hands of crime novelist Donna Leon. Venice provides the backdrop for the lush film versions of the bestselling novels, which features the indelible Commissario Guido Brunetti, canal boat rides instead of car chases, fine cuisine and crime investigations in one of Europe’s most beautiful locations.

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Donna Leon's Brunetti Mysteries
  • Vendetta

    Episode 1

    A high society attorney and a distinguished tax advisor are murdered within days of each other. Directed by Christian von Castelberg, 2000.

  • The Anonymous Venetian

    Episode 2

    When a corpse in lingerie and high heels turns out to be an influential bank director, Brunetti suspects blackmail. Directed by Christian von Castelberg, 2000.

  • Fatal Remedies

    Episode 3

    During a protest, Brunetti's wife throws a stone into the window of a travel agency that allegedly supports the sex trade. Directed by Sigi Rothemund, 2002.

  • A Noble Radiance

    Episode 4

    The man whose skeleton is found in a field outside Venice spoke his last words two years ago, but the ring on his finger continues to speak. Directed by Sigi Rothemund, 2002.

  • Death at La Fenice

    Episode 5

    After a famous conductor dies from cyanide poisoning, Brunetti probes into his past and uncovers a picture of immorality and ruthlessness. Directed by Sigi Rothemund, 2003.

  • Friends in High Places

    Episode 6

    When Brunetti learns from the land registry office that his apartment lacks the necessary paperwork, he goes into a panic. Directed by Sigi Rothemund, 2003.

  • Quietly in Their Sleep

    Episode 7

    Mysterious deaths in a retirement community are brought to Brunetti's attention by a young nun who is then nearly killed herself. Directed by Sigi Rothemund, 2004.

  • Acqua Alta

    Episode 8

    First a museum director and then an antiquities dealer are murdered. Directed by Sigi Rothemund, 2004.

  • Doctored Evidence

    Episode 9

    Signora Battestini is dead, and to all who knew her, it wasn't a moment too soon. Directed by Sigi Rothemund, 2005.

  • Uniform Justice

    Episode 10

    A cadet from the exclusive San Martino Military Academy is found dead, and the school claims he took his own life. Directed by Sigi Rothemund, 2005.

  • Death in a Strange Country

    Episode 11

    The body of a young man found floating in a canal has been stripped of all valuables, except for a very visible packet of cocaine. Directed by Sigi Rothemund, 2006.

  • A Sea of Troubles

    Episode 12

    When the murder of two fishermen brings Brunetti's investigation to the island of Pellestrina, the villagers close ranks and say nothing. Directed by Sigi Rothemund, 2006.

  • Willful Behavior

    Episode 13

    A young woman is murdered, but Brunetti can find no sexual or financial motive. Directed by Sigi Rothemund, 2008.

  • Blood From a Stone

    Episode 14

    Brunetti can't believe that turf wars between vendors of designer knockoffs could be reason enough for murder. Directed by Sigi Rothemund, 2008.

  • Through A Glass Darkly

    Episode 15

    Commissario Brunetti investigates the death of the owner of a Murano glass factory. Directed by Sigi Rothemund, 2009.

  • Suffer the Little Children

    Episode 16

    When an illegal Albanian immigrant gives birth, she's told that her baby has died. Directed by Sigi Rothemund, 2010.

  • The Girl of His Dreams

    Episode 17

    A ten-year-old Roma girl is found dead in a Venetian canal. Directed by Sigi Rothemund, 2011.

  • Looks Are Deceiving

    Episode 18

    The murder of an entrepreneur strikes close to home when Brunetti learns that the victim was involved in shady deals with a friend's husband. Directed by Sigi Rothemund, 2012.

  • BONUS: Uwe Kockisch Interview

    Episode 19

    Donna Leon's Brunetti Bonus Feature #1

  • BONUS: A Conversation with Donna Leon

    Episode 20

    A Donna Leon's Brunetti Mysteries Bonus