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Don Matteo

Don Matteo

12 Seasons

More seasons coming soon! Terence Hill stars as Don Matteo, a thoroughly ordinary Catholic priest with an extraordinary ability to read people and solve crimes.

Don Matteo
  • Don Matteo: The Most Beautiful Mistake

    Episode 1

    Father Matteo welcomes 16-year-old Sofia into the rectory while the police station prepares to welcome a new captain.

  • Don Matteo: Scenes from a Wedding

    Episode 2

    Cecchini realizes that Captain Anna wants to replace him with a woman.

  • Don Matteo: Salvation

    Episode 3

    The police investigate the assault of a woman involved in the same accident Cecchini lost his daughter in a few years earlier.

  • Don Matteo: For Their Own Good

    Episode 4

    Cecchini gets a visit from an old friend who has become a successful businessman.

  • Don Matteo: True Wealth

    Episode 5

    After one of Sofia's friends is attacked, the police and Father Matteo investigate the dynamics of the assault.

  • Don Matteo: The Price of Talent

    Episode 6

    Father Matteo and the police investigate a case which the prime suspect is a young singer.

  • Don Matteo: Mismatched Love

    Episode 7

    A girl falls victim to acts of bullying. in which the bullies may have been adults.

  • Don Matteo: I'll Take Care of You

    Episode 8

    Father Matteo meets an eccentric woman to whom he offers a room at the rectory.

  • Don Matteo: My Justice

    Episode 9

    While the police investigate the murder of an accomplished lawyer, Father Matteo discovers something about Sofia's past.

  • Don Matteo: Night of the Soul

    Episode 10

    There's been a murder inside the monastery where Father Matteo and the others have gone on a pilgrimage.

  • Don Matteo: Still A Child

    Episode 11

    Thirteen-year-old dance prodigy, Francesca will do anything to defend her dream.

  • Don Matteo: Choose Me!

    Episode 12

    After a girl is found dying on the set of a reality show, Captain Anna goes undercover and pretends to be a contestant.

  • Don Matteo: The Pain of Love

    Episode 13

    Captain Anna's mother arrives in Spoleto while Sofia finds her birth certificate.

  • Don Matteo: A Normal Family

    Episode 14

    The police investigate a serious episode of bullying and Carlo Conti arrives in Spoleto to film an episode of his show.

  • Don Matteo: A Personal Matter

    Episode 15

    A young lawyer is accused of murder and the district attorney believes he's guilty.

  • Don Matteo: One of Those

    Episode 16

    Oksana, a Ukrainian prostitute, accuses Barba of having harassed and assaulted her.

  • Don Matteo: Parents and Children

    Episode 17

    While the police investigate an assault, Captain Anna's sister Chiara returns to Spoleto after a disappointing love affair.

  • Don Matteo: Don Matteo Under Fire

    Episode 18

    Father Matteo is kidnapped and held prisoner by Isabel, a young woman desperately trying to escape.

  • Don Matteo: Tell Me Who You Are

    Episode 19

    While the police investigate the murder of a highly-regarded chef, Cecchini notices chemistry between the DA and Captain Anna.

  • Don Matteo: One Way

    Episode 20

    Young Federico is heading to Switzerland for end-of-life treatment when an assault on his friend Lara causes his to rethink the trip.

  • Don Matteo: The Rift

    Episode 21

    While the police investigate the apparent suicide of a young man, Cecchini tries to finally beat Father Matteo at chess.

  • Don Matteo: Premonitions

    Episode 22

    Police investigate a murder at a house shrouded in mystery, while Spoleto hosts a bike race.

  • Don Matteo: For Life

    Episode 23

    When Sofia's biological father is found dying, the police suspect Seba and throw him in jail.

  • Don Matteo: The Power of Forgiveness

    Episode 24

    Father Matteo and Captain Anna are locked inside a truck about to be destroyed in a car press.