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Don Matteo

Don Matteo

12 Seasons

More seasons coming soon! Terence Hill stars as Don Matteo, a thoroughly ordinary Catholic priest with an extraordinary ability to read people and solve crimes.

Don Matteo
  • Don Matteo: Guilt

    Episode 1

    Tomas discovers that his Aunt Celeste is in town; Marshal Cecchini attempts to play matchmaker for Captain Tommasi.

  • Don Matteo: Forbidden Shots

    Episode 2

    Police investigate the murder of a jiu-jitsu instructor; Marshal Cecchini arranges a date for the Captain with Martina's teacher.

  • Don Matteo: No Way Out

    Episode 3

    Don Matteo and Natalina stumble upon a car accident and discover a man's body; Lia's mother comes for a visit.

  • Don Matteo: Safe Distance

    Episode 4

    The mother of one of Don Matteo's students accuses a man of giving her daughter ebola.

  • Don Matteo: I Thought It Was Love

    Episode 5

    Don Matteo helps a battered woman seek refuge in his rectory.

  • Don Matteo: Out of the Game

    Episode 6

    A young man with a severe gambling addiction is accused of murder, but Don Matteo isn't convinced.

  • Don Matteo: Don't Blame the Stars

    Episode 7

    A student appears to have thrown herself off her school roof, while Cecchini and Tommasi try to impress the prosecutor on his birthday.

  • Don Matteo: Medical Market

    Episode 8

    The police investigate the death of a doctor and the injury of a pregnant woman.

  • Don Matteo: Small Town Love

    Episode 9

    A girl from Sister Maria's foster home gets attacked and Severino announces he has a girlfriend.

  • Don Matteo: The Shopping Cart Man

    Episode 10

    Cecchini comes up with a plan to help his former teacher get her memory back.

  • Don Matteo: What Are You Worth?

    Episode 11

    The police investigate a hit-and-run case while Assuntina tells Cecchini she wants to live with her boyfriend.

  • Don Matteo: Delivered From Evil

    Episode 12

    A woman is found dead from a gunshot wound and the man who finds her is a paraplegic whom Don Matteo knows well.

  • Don Matteo: Young Stars

    Episode 13

    A child actress is hospitalized for poisoning while Laura and Tomas organize Ester's birthday party.

  • Don Matteo: Cam Mom

    Episode 14

    A young bully gets injured during a meet-up, while Margherita finally gets a taste of freedom.

  • Don Matteo: The Promise

    Episode 15

    A talented soccer player's birth mother is attacked and Cecchini falls in love with a stray dog.

  • Don Matteo: Life is a Movie

    Episode 16

    A nun from Sister Maria's convent is found dead and Natalina loses her memory from a small accident.

  • Don Matteo: Finding an Old Friend

    Episode 17

    Don Matteo and Cecchini travel to Gubbio to investigate a friend's death.

  • Don Matteo: Two Mothers

    Episode 18

    The police investigate the death of a man who, along with his wife, had hired a woman as a birth surrogate.

  • Don Matteo: The Diva

    Episode 19

    Murder dampens the mood of Spoleto's annual go-kart race. Margherita also encourages the Captain to go public about their relationship.

  • Don Matteo: Deception

    Episode 20

    Lia has returned to Spoleto but feels excluded by those she considers family.

  • Don Matteo: The Last Memory

    Episode 21

    A man suffering memory loss might have killed a woman without remembering the crime.

  • Don Matteo: Resurrection

    Episode 22

    A war veteran who returns to Spoleto becomes the prime suspect in a murder investigation.

  • Don Matteo: The Infection

    Episode 23

    A beautiful 30-year-old woman is found dead in the pool of a Spoleto wellness center.

  • Don Matteo: Last Carousel Ride

    Episode 24

    A seminary student is found dying and suspicion falls on the man's father, a carnie who never accepted his son's vocation.