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2 Seasons

Philippe Roche, of the quirky family-run private detective agency Roche and Son, has never been one to take a case for money, much to the dismay of his father Maxime. Phillippe's in it for the thrill; he loves to fight injustice, solve the unsolvable or use a case to get close to an attractive client. Now that the agency is on the verge of collapse, Maxime reaches out to Nora Abadie (Sara Martins, Death in Paradise), a no-nonsense former French intelligence officer, to bring some discipline to the endeavor.

  • Detectives: Abuse of Weakness (Sn 2 Ep 1)

    Episode 1

    Philippe's childhood friend reaches out to him for help with her mother, who seems to be under the influence of a 25-year-old man. Directed by Renaud Bertrand.

  • Detectives: War Zone (Sn 2 Ep 2)

    Episode 2

    It's election time and a mayoral candidate asks Roche and Son to investigate some dirty campaign tricks. Directed by Renaud Bertrand.

  • Detectives: Sold (Sn 2 Ep 3)

    Episode 3

    Accused of trafficking pieces of art, an auctioneer desperately tries to prove that he was a victim of a new type of scam. Directed by Renaud Bertrand.

  • Detectives: Mr. Ken (Sn 2 Ep 4)

    Episode 4

    Phillipe goes undercover to help an exotic male dancer out of a drug deal. Directed by Jean-Marc Rudnicki.

  • Detectives: Ransacking (Sn 2 Ep 5)

    Episode 5

    On the eve of her fashion show, a young designer finds her collection and workshop destroyed. Directed by Jean-Marc Rudnicki.

  • Detectives: Rivals (Sn 2 Ep 6)

    Episode 6

    A researcher for a family-run biotech firm loses years of research after a fire in his laboratory. Directed by Renaud Bertrand.

  • Detectives: Ghosts (Sn 2 Ep 7)

    Episode 7

    Maxime, Philippe and Xenia come to the help of Pacome, a young Malian boxer who has come to France to find his sister who has been missing for two years. Directed by Jean-Marc Rudnicki.

  • Detectives: On the Run (Sn 2 Ep 8)

    Episode 8

    Nora appears to be guilty of murder and the Roche family rallies to find the real culprit and clear her name. Directed by Jean-Marc Rudnicki.