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Dark Woods

Dark Woods

6 Episodes

Inspired by a real-life case that went unsolved for almost 30 years, the series follows a high-ranking police officer's decades-long search for his sister and a smart young detective who ends up becoming instrumental in the investigation.

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Dark Woods
  • Dark Woods: The Disappearing

    Episode 1

    In the summer of 1989, four bodies are found in the woods. Shortly after, Barbara Neder, the sister of high-ranking federal officer Thomas Bethge, disappears without a trace. Rookie Anne Bach is assigned to investigate both cases.

  • Dark Woods: The Dark Force

    Episode 2

    Barbara's estranged husband, Robert, becomes the prime suspect after the police learn she had blackmailed him, but Anne's hunch points to a gardener who had taken Barbara home drunk. A lead suspect in the Isefort murders is announced in the press.

  • Dark Woods: The Double Decker

    Episode 3

    Four years later, the Weesenburg police have moved on from the case with no arrests, assuming Robert was responsible but have no proof. Still suspicious of Jurgen the gardener, Anne digs into his past and discovers a troubling history.

  • Dark Woods: The Promise

    Episode 4

    While searching Jurgen's house, Anne and her team find handcuffs with traces of what appears to be blood and excavate a car from the ground. Jurgen goes on the run but is eventually caught. Will Anne and Thomas finally get answers?

  • Dark Woods: The Forbidden Room

    Episode 5

    It's now 15 years later and Thomas is retired. Still unable to shake his sister's disappearance, he revives the case with the help of Anne and his old colleague Frank. Together they make a breakthrough when they interview Jurgen's old friend Heiner.

  • Dark Woods: Forever and Ever

    Episode 6

    As they continue their rogue investigation, Thomas, Anne, and Frank put the pieces together between Jurgen, the Isefort murders, and Barbara's disappearance. Will Thomas and his family finally get closure after nearly 30 years?