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Dark Rivers

Dark Rivers

4 Episodes

After a police detective from Berlin testifies against a powerful clan boss, she and her daughter are forced under witness protection, as Frederike and Mia Bader. After a run-in with a local private detective, Frederike's past might catch up with her

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Dark Rivers
  • Dark Rivers: Friend or Foe

    Episode 1

    Frederike Bader, the former commissioner of the Berlin police, testified against a clan boss and now finds herself and her daughter in witness protection. With a nosy private detective on their tail, the past catches up to Frederike and Mia.

  • Dark Rivers: The Danube is Deep

    Episode 2

    The private detective, Zankl, has his own secrets and is arrested for the murder of his ex-girlfriend, Nunzia Rossi. He calls on Frederike to help him. In an effort to protect her daughter, Frederike agrees to investigate the murder.

  • Dark Rivers: Too Young to Die

    Episode 3

    Private detective Zankl recruits Frederike to help him on one of his assignments: the search for a missing student. The investigation brings them head to head with the Passau police department.

  • Dark Rivers: The River is His Grave

    Episode 4

    Adil Bahdari hires private detective Zankl to find his missing son Ahmed. Little does Adil know of the connection Zankl has to his son's disappearance. With the arrival of Adil Bahdari, Frederike and Mia are in danger once again.